Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Please Flush

I fuckin don't understand people who knows where to shit, but don't understand how to utilize the flushing mechanism that was invented in the 16th century when sanitary awareness was lower than the IQ of a retarded inbred son of a fuck.

Even dogs try to cover up their poo. Why the fuck does these college students do not know the concept of public use toilet?

It happend to me atleast 18 times when i rushed in the toilet, shut the door, turn around, just to be greeted with a mountain of puke inducing excrement (scientific word for shite). "Fuckin Shit! Literally!!!" I swear. The feeling is just as depressing as when people greet you with a "Salam 1Malaysia"..

To all public toilet users out there, please flush, do not just cover it up with toilet paper. If you feel the unwillingness to put out some effort to pull the lever, eat your shit. Don't bother going to the toilet, just shit on your own plate, have it for dinner..Motherfuckers.